All our motifs that we offer in our stores, were developed and designed by us.

To the sayings or even words, here we use so-called common property, such as: "Hello you there ..." or "night watchman".

Basically, we check each of our motifs / iron-on pictures.

If you have an objection that one of our motifs is a violation in trademark law, please let us know. What we need for this is simple.

  • Patent number
  • Name and address of the owner and should he not come forward personally, a certified power of attorney (with name and address of the applicant) that you may act on behalf of the patent owner.

In case of doubt, we reserve the right to send a copy of the owner's identification by mail.

We take every accusation first, that it happens again and again that persons come to us with the accusation, credibly and firmly claim that it is your work.

Each verification takes about 10 working days, due to the fact that some writings have to be translated.

Until the time the "accusation" has been checked by us, the article can be taken from the sales platforms by us, under certain circumstances, also applicant can demand this of course, whereby he should then be aware, if it turns out that the "accusation" is not true for us, we can charge damages.

There are different rights in Europe, if one deals with it a little bit, one sees that they are not too far away from each other in the matter of "patent law". And yet we check all requests to the best of our knowledge and belief.

If the request does not apply to us, despite the fact that you have stated everything correctly, we will of course charge the applicant for our work. The applicant can also, of course, if everything turns out to be correct for him, charge his costs to us.

Please check carefully in advance whether you have a legitimate objection to one of our motifs, and / or words / sayings. Furthermore, we reserve the right to object to the entry at the patent office.