The history of The Patch Factory

It all started with the so-called fantasy name "Hearty-Frog". That's how we started.

The purpose of the Hearty-Frog was simple, affordable iron-on prints, initially in velour for everyone.

We tested for a long time, which material is best for this, and how to apply it the easiest and only with household products.

Back in 2005 we had a lot of people against us, who thought that this would never work, even well-known companies, from whom we purchased the material, and still do, laughed at us in some form behind our backs, saying that it simply wouldn't work. We simply set our minds to offer the product flock individually for everyone.

At that time we had to fight with many competitors. Everyone "stole" the motifs from the others and called them their own. In the end, no one knew who really owned what or not. Ultimately, only the creator could still identify what belongs to him.

Also here we wanted to stand out from the others, so we decided to design all the motifs we wanted to offer ourselves, so at least the designated copyright of each motif was clear.

Over the years, our slogans and motifs have accumulated and it became more and more.

However, legal questions did not remain unanswered, because again and again competitors have claimed that it is their motifs, or you yourself have the rights.

Later we are out of private backgrounds, emigrated, and landed in Sweden. There we gave ourselves the translated name "Kära-Groda", translated as Hearty-Frog.

After a few months we decided to redesign the online store to make it clearer, more convenient and above all internationally marketable.

We have the online store now for the last time in The Patch Factory unnamed, and in the German-speaking area, especially for the online platforms "Der Aufbügler".

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