We offer 4 different materials from which we make our iron-on pictures. We would like to explain here which ones they are and where the differences are.

Velour iron-on pictures:

Velour iron-on pictures are slightly thicker and have a velvety surface made of viscose fibers with a very soft feel. They stand out after ironing from the textile so that a slight 3D effect is created. They are very suitable for children and baby clothes and of course for all who like it cuddly. After ironing, the velour iron-on pictures are washable at 60 degrees (inside out) and suitable for tumble dryers.

Glitter iron-on pictures:

The glitter iron-on pictures are made of metal & rhinestone glitter particles that have a brilliant glitter effect. The glitter particles do not fall off and the iron-on picture looks like new even after many washes. Glitter iron-on pictures are ideally suited for special occasions or to set expressive accents on clothing, accessories or home textiles. After ironing, the glitter iron-on pictures are washable at 60° degrees (inside out) and suitable for tumble dryers.

Flex iron-on pictures:

The flex iron-on pictures are made of a PVC-free, quite elastic film (certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100) with a smooth surface finish. This is particularly suitable for children's clothing, sportswear and workwear due to its very high wash resistance. Also home textiles can be finished with it because the surface is washable. After ironing on, the flex iron-on pictures are washable at 60° degrees (inside out) and suitable for dryers.

Reflective iron-on pictures:

The reflective iron-on pictures consist of metallized micro-glass spheres that reflect incident light. Clothing, bags, etc. can be wonderfully provided and thus just children in traffic more visible and thus safer to make. They are also wonderful for pet accessories (eg dog coats, larger collars or scarves) suitable. After ironing on, the reflective iron-on pictures are washable at 60° degrees (inside out) and suitable for tumble dryers.

Photoluminescent iron-on pictures:

The photoluminescent iron-on pictures consist of a thin but stable photoluminescent foil. They must first be "refueled" with daylight before they then glow green in the dark. The iron-on pictures have a white color in the light and are washable at 40°. They are perfect for nightwear, curtains or similar home textiles.

A sign of quality

We manufacture high quality and extremely durable iron-on pictures for any occasion and need. All our motifs are made of velvety velour. real glitter, robust flex foil or as a reflective iron-on picture.

Our iron-on pictures are not cheap paper transfers that wash out after the first wash, they survive many washes and can be ironed onto dark textiles and any textile pattern.

All motifs and or texts are made after purchase in the color and material requested by the customer.

General note about the colors:

It may happen that the colors production technically not always turn out the same. Slight color differences may occur. The indication / information in our / our color card / color cards are only for orientation and are not binding.

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